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  • The Hemp Extract Story

    The Hemp Extract Story

    Humans developed an internal cannabinoid system about 400 million years ago. The recently discovered purpose of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) was to help stabilize individual organ systems to keep them healthy far before medicines and doctors were available. The organ systems contain numerous receptors and are distinct from each other. When disease strikes an organ system, deterioration occurs past the capability of the ECS. Disease states can initiate or, be influenced by; genetic, environmental or psychological factors. More specifically, the ECS activation system is highly orchestrated requiring many biochemical agonists and antagonists working in sequences for it to work at it’s best.

    Partial response and defense to many diseases involve the integrity of the ECS. We now know that many components of the hemp plant can support the ECS without the need for the psychoactive molecule THC. This allows formulations to be developed without the need for a medical marijuana license. Hence, hemp plant derived molecules, along with terpenes can offer a support to patients with these diseases.

Our Goal and Mission Statement

The goal of SunHealth Therapeutics is to develop and offer unique combinations of hemp extract and terpenes to support patients with ECS problems and improve quality of life. These products have been matched through the most recent clinical information and medical research to provide the best possible information to you. You, the patient, now have this highly specific advanced hemp extract option available.


Our Mission Statement is to help support patients, improve their quality of life and comfort when possible.

The Science

While the hemp plant has over 480 active ingredients in it, hemp molecules have been shown to help support organ systems, without the need for THC but, still help the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This means that these solutions are available without the worry of “getting high”. 

These hemp plant combinations help increase the natural concentration of these internal chemicals intracellularly and hence improve organ function. (Figure 1).
Figure 1: Reference: Kristina L. Leinwand, Mark E. Gerich, Edward J. Hoffenberg, and Colm B. Collins, (2017), Manipulation of the Endocannabinoid System in Colitis: A Comprehensive Review, Inflam Bowel Dis, Vol 23 (2), 192-199

Entourage Effect

There are many receptors on the cell membrane which require a systematic and sequential activation in order to produce the positive effects and maximize the natural ECS.  The main system is called G protein coupled receptors (GPCR’s). The GPCR system uses many components of the hemp plant in order for it to work properly. These components are mostly made up a varied sub-components of the hemp plant plus specific terpenes. The combination of these molecules is highly specific and need certain amounts to activate correctly. This is called the “Entourage Effect” and separates the medical goals from the recreational use. The Entourage Effect in specific combinations is the future of clinical care.

Clinical Research

To date, there has been infrequent US clinical research using the hemp plant and its components due to federal regulatory and funding restrictions. However, there are now many studies being conducted internationally. Other medically developed countries have embraced regulatory and funding opportunities and are producing high quality pharmaceutical studies to assess clinical results. These results are now published in traditional medical journals and can be tracked and matched to develop specific formulas. As science advances, these formulas and combinations become better over time.

Product development at SunHealth Therapeutics combines these research results to improve its formulas as more information becomes available. This information is both disease specific ensuring that our patients have the most advanced tools possible. The products learn as the scientific community learns.
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