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Fibrocare 10
Fibrocare 10
Fibromyalgia is characterized by a chronic increased sensitivity to pain through its receptors and manifests in chronic fatigue, pain and cognitive disorders such as concentration and sleep deprivation. Often, Fibromyalgia has a gradual onset which can be related to other rheumatology conditions such as osteoarthritis, lupus and similar family history.
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Fibromyalgia is widespread with a lifetime prevalence rate of up to 8-12% of the population and more frequently seen in women. Due to the unique nature of Fibromyalgia, cannabinoid therapy could be ideal to help these symptoms and ailments. More research is needed to document the benefits of “before and after” cannabinoid treatment but, the documented pharmacologic actions match the pathophysiology of this disease. Specific hemp derived cannabinoid and terpene profiles have been developed and produced in this product for Fibromyalgia patients called Fibrocare 10.

Most clinical research documents recommend a minimum of 8 weeks of use is needed for maximum effectiveness.
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