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IBSyncare 10
IBSyncare 10

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a set of dysfunctions in the gut which manifests in several ways including intestinal spasms, constipation, pain and diarrhea. Frequently, precipitating factors to acute illness are triggered by stress, hormones, environment and gut microbiome. IBS is chronic and occurs in 10-15% of the US population - more commonly in women and mostly starting under the age of 50.

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By interacting and helping support the “brain-gut axis” system, IBS can be better self managed by the patient and improve quality of life such as family care, work attendance, sleep and abdominal discomfort. IBSyncare 10 was developed to help in this important area and promote intestinal benefits through both the “brain-gut axis” and the gastrointestinal tract. IBSyncare 10 contains specific hemp derived cannabinoids and terpenes (without THC) to support the “brain-gut axis”.

Most clinical research documents recommend a minimum of 8 weeks of use is needed for maximum effectiveness.
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